GE Monogram Cook Tops: Why They Are Handy

General Electric’s Monogram Collection is a line of appliances that have a high standard of visual appeal and reliability. Being a well-known and popular brand, General Electric (GE) is a safe choice for your appliances. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at a machine that every kitchen should be equipped with: the cook top.

The GE Monogram cook tops are available in both an electric and gas variety. You can use natural or liquid propane gas to fuel the gas burner. Or if you don’t like using gas, you can choose the electric model instead. Either type of cook top will offer the power you need to cook any type of food.

One of the features of a GE Monogram cook top includes the powerful and precise burners. Each burner uses two different flames to give a range of temperatures to choose from. A burner can be set to a low power of 500 BTUs, which allows more control for simmering liquids or warm food. At full power, the power can reach as high as 17000 BTU.


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Another unique feature of a GE Monogram cook top is the reversible grates. One side of the grates is a flat surface that is essential for using pots and pans. On the other side lies a contoured grate that is specially modeled for woks.

Adding to the flexibility of the GE Monogram cook top is the indoor grill. Grooved and rounded for versatility, the cook top grill allows you to grill meat to perfection while still indoors. This opens up the door to cooking a number of food items in ways you can’t accomplish with a conventional cook top.

The cook top is constructed with premium cast iron material. A long-lasting performance is ensured with high grade metals. The grates are solidly built and are even dishwasher safe. The stainless steel grill won’t wear and tear as you use it over and over again. Although it can get a little messy, the payoff in cooking power and home décor is worth it.

Speaking of messes, the GE Monogram cook top makes clean up easier. Two removable drip pans lie at the bottom of the machine. The splash guards located beneath the burners are coated in order to prevent wearing down the stainless steel when being cleaned.

Regarding home décor, the GE Monogram cook top gives your kitchen a unique flavor. With chamfered edges and a sleek smooth metallic finish, the cook top is easy on the eyes. It will add to the appeal of your kitchen and do wonders for your household. You can even customize your cook top by adding a backsplash that prevents spills while looking spiffy.

Cook tops from the specially designed GE Monogram Collection possess the quality and the attractiveness that you’re looking for. These appliances are top of the line, which should be expected from the strong GE brand. If you’re looking to bring your kitchen into the modern era, you can’t go wrong with the Monogram Collection.


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